10 Things I Hate About You

Kat and Bianca Stratford may be sisters, but all comparisons end there. Kat is an outspoken, independent feminist, while Bianca is a social butterfly who wants nothing more to be popular, ...

Genre: Comedy

Director: Carter Covington

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2009

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - 10 Things I Hate About You
07 Jul 2009
"Conflict arises when two sisters, Kat and Bianca, start a new high school with two very different attitudes -- Kat, is an independent spirit and doesn't care what other people think, while Bianca is determined to climb the social ladder."
14 Jul 2009
21 Jul 2009
"Biancas determination to get to a party with some of the coolest kids in school leads her to turn for to Cameron who..."
28 Jul 2009
"Dont Give A Damn About My Bad Reputation After Bianca falsely tells Chastity that shes dating an older guy to try to rid herself of her goody two-shoes reputation..."
04 Aug 2009
"Dont Give Up Determined to become an active environmentalist, Kat enrolls in shop class to convert her gas-guzzling car into a biodiesel vehicle..."
11 Aug 2009
"In order to help earn money for a shopping trip with Chastity, Bianca and her friend Dawn ask Cameron for help in setting up a new web reality show..."
18 Aug 2009
"There is a fire in the neighborhood and everyone is relocated to the school. Meanwhile, Kat and Bianca find themselves in some strange situations."
25 Aug 2009
"When Bianca gets asked to Padua Highs Fall Fling by Beau Bradley, the captain of the soccer team, she sets out to convince Patrick to take Kat to the dance since their father has prohibited..."
01 Sep 2009
08 Sep 2009
29 Mar 2010
"The second season starts exactly where the first one left off... Kat and Patrick have just been suspended for skipping school and Bianca is in a critical situation with Chastity, the much ..."
05 Apr 2010
"Walter forces Kat to invite Patrick over for dinner to scare him off, but his plan backfires when Patrick pretends to be someone he's not. Bianca gets the cold shoulder from Chastity and ..."
12 Apr 2010
"On a night of official first dates, Bianca worries that Joey expects them to have a physical relationship. Meanwhile, Kat is unsure if she and Patrick are on a date until he offers to cover their dinner bill by having them run out on it."
"No description"
26 Apr 2010
05 May 2010
"Patrick's dubious behavior causes Kat to follow him in hopes of finding some answers. Bianca stages an intervention for Joey when she suspects he has an eating disorder."
"No description"
17 May 2010
"Bianca hosts a dinner party where big annoucements are made, while Kat and Patrick contemplate the next step in their relationship."
"No description"
"Kat decides to run for student body president after she learns William (Blank) is running unopposed. However, someone sabotages her video presentation and Kat ends up being humiliated. Bianca learns that playing nice is not always the best option."