River Monsters

Jeremy Wade searches the world for legendary and flesh-eating freshwater fish.

Genre: Action & Adventure , Documentary

Country: USA , UK

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2009

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - River Monsters
"In 1976 a packed coach crashed into the Amazon killing 39 people. By the time the bodies were pulled out by rescuers some had been so viciously mutilated by piranha they could only be identified by their clothes. Tracking down survivors and eyewitnesses of piranha attacks, Jeremy Wade reveals why the piranha fills our nightmares."
"Two years ago, on the treacherous Kali River, high in the mountains of Northern India, Jeremy Wade unearthed the mother of all fisherman's tales and the ultimate freshwater horror: a super-sized freshwater fish turned man-eater. Jeremy takes on the biggest, toughest challenge he's ever faced as he heads back to the Himalayas to separate fact from fiction and track down the monstrous beast."
"In the Deep South is a river monster with the reputation of a devil. Blamed for a series of violent attacks on humans, this creature is said to be as vicious as a shark and as big as an alligator. The authorities said it should be annihilated, but not all are so quick to condemn it. Extreme angler Jeremy Wade heads to Texas on its trail in an attempt to uncover the facts behind this animal's notoriety. Helped by local expertise and with his own wits honed sharp, he finds new ways to reveal the truth about the monster alligator gar."
"Reports of an attack on a swimmer in a lake close to Berlin is the starting point for an intense and shocking investigation. Wade travels to Germany where he meets modern-day victims of a beast that has been raising its snout above the surface of fresh waters in Europe regularly over the past 700 years. Investigations travel to Spain where Wade discovers firsthand that the wels catfish is a living, breathing aggressive predator growing to man-eating proportions capable of everything depicted in medieval records and more."
"In the darkest depths of the Amazon lurks a dinosaur. Legends tell of an evil spirit inhabiting an enormous fish. Taller than a man, it is covered in scales and crushes its prey with a tongue made of bone. Jeremy Wade has encountered this creature once before, and he came out second best. He's taking no chances in the rematch."
"A man swallowed whole by a fish. A body eaten alive from within. Another penetrated in a most unnatural fashion, and yet more with multiple stab wounds. Jeremy Wade is in pursuit of these notorious killers to discover the facts \u2014 to determine if their crimes are real and their methods as gruesome as reported."
"No fish inspires the same terror as the shark, a creature with an insatiable hunger for brutal violence. But at least these killers are confined to the oceans. Or are they? Expert angler Jeremy Wade investigates whether it's possible for sharks to live in freshwater, and if so just how far inland these vicious predators will bring their reign of terror."
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Season 2 - River Monsters
"Jeremy Wade heads to the Mekong River in search of one of the world's largest, most terrifying river fish, the giant freshwater stingray. Armed with a venomous 10-inch barbed tail, this 700-pound monster pushes Jeremy to his limit."
"Angler Jeremy Wade sets his sights on an aggressive Far Eastern predator that's now invading America's backyards. Accused of homicide, and said to breathe air and crawl on land, the Snakehead is a monster that sounds more like a gangster than a fish."
"Jeremy Wade travels to one of the few rivers left on earth that will still test a fisherman. The Congo, a river steeped in legends... and soaked in violence. One spirit in particular is said to lure fishermen from their boats to their death."
"Extreme angler Jeremy Wade searches for the lethal lake monster of native legend that's been dragging people down to an icy grave for centuries. He ends up landing the largest fish he's ever caught, but is this the monster?"
"Jeremy Wade is on a quest to Africa's Rift Valley to explore the roots of fishing and the monsters these first fishermen faced. It's a dangerous place, filled with killer crocs, hippos and warring gangs, but at its heart is a worthy prize: the Mputa, aka Nile perch, Africa's largest freshwater fish."
"The biggest bull shark ever recorded was caught in South Africa, in a river. Was this monstrous freshwater catch a horrifying fluke, or are there more shark giants prowling this river? Jeremy Wade heads to South Africa to see if he can land a monster!"
"Jeremy Wade journeys to the infamous Congo River in Africa in search of the world's most ferocious fish. This supernatural monster predator pushes Jeremy to his physical and mental limit. It requires all of his skills and the help of a witch doctor."
Season 3 - River Monsters
"Jeremy Wade travels to Papua New Guinea to investigate a spate of bizarre deaths on the Sepik River. An island renowned for cannibalism, macabre rituals, and head hunters, Wade is on the trail of a creature reported to devour certain male body parts."
"Jeremy Wade is on the trail of a mysterious man-eater described over 200 years ago by a famous explorer. Is the 8-ft beast in question a mere legend, or could it be the same, flesh & blood creature that has attacked divers & children?"
"Jeremy Wade travels to the Paran\u00e1 River in the remote corner of Argentina to investigate the death of a young girl. This creature is not armed with bone-crunching jaws or razor sharp teeth, but a razor-sharp blade tipped with tissue-destroying venom."
"Jeremy Wade heads to the Australian outback to try & catch the fearsome Freshwater Sawfish. This shadowy predator is said to be 18-feet long & attacks boats. But does the fact that it could slash Jeremy to shreds make it a killer?"
"Jeremy Wade travels to Brazil's \"wild west\" in search of a river monster that has killed three cowboys. The search for the culprit sends him deep into prospecting cattle country, where he discovers the shocking truth about a fish he's never caught before. He has to combat all his fears to catch this monster, and after a long chase, Jeremy finally corners his elusive prey in the most unexpected place. All he has to do then is catch it without getting killed."
"Having never been to Japan, Jeremy Wade is entering new territory in more ways than one. The river monsters there are like no others he ever has encountered, from the devastating \"Namazu,\" which legend says causes earthquakes, to a child-snatching killer called the \"Kappa.\" Can our extreme fisherman uncover the truth behind these legends? Can he catch a monster in the rivers of Japan that reveals the reality behind these horrific tales? He is about to find out."
"Jeremy Wade sets out to discover the true river monster of South America. Piranhas get all the press, but is there a more fearsome predator lurking in its rivers? Tipped off by an account of an attack on a diver, Jeremy soon discovers that there is a real monster to find. Tipped off by the the local Amerindian tribe, Jeremy heads deeper and deeper into the remote jungles of Suriname to come face to face with a jungle killer like no other."
"Jeremy Wade is on the trail of a mysterious man-eater. New Zealand's fresh waters have been a safe place for swimmers, yet as Jeremy finds out, its remote rivers and deep lakes provide refuge for an ancient and slippery predator that can stay hidden for more than a century. To flush one out, he must put himself on the menu."
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"Jeremy Wade travels to Papua New Guinea to investigate a spate of bizarre deaths on one of the world's last great unexplored rivers, the Sepik. A creature there is tearing chunks from unsuspecting fishermen and devouring certain male body parts. Jeremy has never fished in this part of the world and knows little of what might be there. Nothing could prepare him for what he discovers."
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Season 4 - River Monsters
"In the suspense-filled two-hour premiere, Jeremy Wade treks across the United States in search of deadly river monsters living in the nation's waterways. Wade ventures from the popular Indian River Lagoon in Florida where unsuspecting water enthusiasts are faced with what could become a modern day Jaws, to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, where underwater hunters have reached man-eating proportions."
"In Southern Africa there are rumors of a terrifying river monster lurking in the eerie waters of the Okavango Delta. Witnesses say the fish have shark-like teeth and hunt in frenzied packs on schools of fish \u2014 and maybe even on human bodies. It sounds mysteriously like the work of giant piranhas, but there's nothing like that here. Or is there? Jeremy Wade sets out to uncover the truth."
"It's common knowledge that crocodiles and hippos are deadly predators in Zambian waterways, but it seems there's another monstrous beast stalking the treacherous Zambezi River. The locals call this river monster \"the Mazunda\" but Jeremy Wade is unfamiliar with any fish by that name. Will he uncover what the sinister creature \u2014 said to be able to swallow a child \u2014 really is?"
"When Jeremy Wade travels to India's Himalayas to investigate grisly river attacks, he is surprised to learn that the suspected culprit is a sacred animal. Does he heed warnings from the local people that he'll be cursed for life if he touches the creature, or will he pursue his need to solve the mystery?"
"The eerie disappearance of three men in far eastern Russia proves to be a baffling case for Jeremy Wade. His first visit to Russia takes him on a three-day trip to the Amur River where he seeks to uncover what happened to the fisherman and others who have met their demise on these waters. The prime suspect is a predator that can top a ton and exceed 18 feet in length \u2014 yet for some reason, not a soul will help him find it. Stonewalled at every turn, Wade begins to believe there is there a dark secret he's not meant to discover."
"In Mongolia, Jeremy Wade hopes to reel in a rare river monster that\u00e2\u20ac\u2122s become legendary. Pound for pound, this man-sized monster is said to be one of the world's strongest fighters. Could the rivers here still be home to a beast that many have heard about but few have seen? While Wade is on the hunt, he may be hunted himself as armed outlaws lurk in the wilderness surrounding the remote river."
"Jeremy Wade returns to Australia's croc-infested Fitzroy River for one of his toughest quests yet \u2014 to catch one of the world's rarest fish. This shark is so elusive it was only discovered ten years ago, and so rare only a handful of people have ever seen it. Almost nothing is known about this endangered beast. Could it be a man-eater? The expedition turns Wade's knowledge of freshwater killers upside down as these animals seem to break all the rules."
"Jeremy Wade explores the hostile wildness of the Essequibo, Guyana's largest river & one of South Americas best kept secrets. Armed with old journals & his rod, Jeremy is on a mission to discover if monsters of the past still exist."
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Season 5 - River Monsters
"Jeremy Wade searches for a monster that leads him to the site of the worst nuclear accident in history, Chernobyl. In a nerve-shredding race against radiation & time, he searches for the perpetrator of a series of grizzly attacks."
"Angler Jeremy Wade ventures deep into the heart of Central America in search of a man-sized killer said to leap into boats and cause fatal injuries as it knocks fishermen unconscious and smashes their bones."
"Jeremy pushes himself and his gear past the breaking point to discover what killed a bride in the Colombian Amazon. Amidst dense jungle and hostage-taking rebels, Jeremy discovers evidence that turns the investigation on its head."
"Jeremy embarks on a punishing mission to the heart of a thundering waterfall in the Pacific Northwest to battle an ancient river monster said to rise from the murky depths to attack swimmers."
"Jeremy investigates his most disturbing case yet: the story of a man who had his face ripped off in a remote Bolivian river. The journey through dangerous jungle ends with a confrontation with one of his oldest adversaries."
"For more than 30 years, hardened angler Jeremy Wade has taken on the world\u2019s most legendary river monsters bar one - the Loch Ness Monster. It\u2019s a challenge he\u2019s been reluctant to take on \u2026 until now. But can the freshwater detective succeed where so many have failed and uncover the true identity of the creature behind the myth? On an epic mission to track down the world\u2019s most famous cryptid, he travels from the depths of Loch Ness to the volcanoes of Iceland and beyond."
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Season 6 - River Monsters
"Hundreds died when the Sobral Santos sank on the Amazon, many rumored to have been eaten alive. Jeremy Wade retraces the doomed boat's last voyage & faces adversaries, old & new, as he tries to uncover what happened."
"Jeremy Wade investigates three mysterious deaths in three South American countries on his most remote mission to date. Will living with a secretive jungle tribe help him discover the terrifying creature responsible?"
"Investigating reports of a brutal riverside mutilation, Jeremy Wade heads to the wetlands, where he comes face-to-face with one of South America\u2019s greatest freshwater fighters & finds the slasher stalking Argentina\u2019s River of Blood."
"For years, Jeremy Wade has hunted a legendary Amazon giant called the lau-lau, a creature said to swallow men whole. The evidence he needs, a single colossal specimen, has so far eluded him. This time he's more determined than ever."
"Extreme angler Jeremy Wade is on the trail of a new river monster after a corpse is found with unusual injuries. He also uncovers a spate of disappearances & a mysterious creature patrolling the water. Are all 3 things connected?"
"Jeremy Wade has heard tales of a body-snatching spirit that locals call the Water Mama. Now, people are disappearing from these waters and Jeremy is convinced there's a real flesh and blood River Monster lurking behind the legend."
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Season 7 - River Monsters
"Jeremy journeys through Canada's backwaters to track down a 20-foot lake monster that attacks humans - a predator with a mouth said to resemble a bear-trap."
"A disturbing report from Southeast Asia, of something in the water that's sliced cleanly through a young man's testicle, is enough to lure freshwater detective Jeremy Wade to the shores of the Mekong - a river long renowned for its monstrous fish."
"Jeremy Wade is on the trail of horrifying killers from the depths of time. Fearsome, prehistoric beasts are brought back to life using cutting edge technology and recently unearthed fossils in a quest to find the greatest river monster of all time."
"For years fishermen have been vanishing in Alaska\u2019s remote and unforgiving wilderness - their deaths unseen, their bodies never found. For freshwater detective Jeremy Wade, a recent fatal incident sends him on a search for possible suspects."
"In Fiji, people are being attacked from unseen assailants in the water, but it's not clear if there are multiple culprits, or a single persistent perpetrator. Jeremy Wade battles tropical storms and thick jungle in an all-out search for a culprit."
"Jeremy Wade returns to Africa\u2019s Okavango Delta to investigate a pack-hunting carnivore blamed for mauling the victims of a capsized boat. This time, Jeremy decides to put on his dive gear and offer himself as live bait in croc-infested waters."
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Season 8 - River Monsters
"Jeremy Wade is in search of the real creature behind the enduring legend of the sea serpent - starting with a violent attack in the English Channel, and culminating in the dark depths of the Mediterranean Sea."
"When six men vanish in the remote waters of northern Australia, extreme angler Jeremy Wade travels to the scene and embarks on one of his toughest investigations yet, taking on some of the deadliest animals on the planet in his search for a suspect."
"Something is terrorizing the Florida Keys. It's attacking both visitors and locals alike, striking its victims so violently that it is slicing open flesh, even smashing bones. Jeremy Wade is determined to identity the assailant."
"In the West Indies, tales of swimmers being ripped from the surface of the islands' blue holes have been attributed to a monster known as the Lusca - half shark, half octopus. Jeremy Wade reaches new depths in this dangerous investigation."
"Jeremy Wade has hunted down freshwater killers for 30 years, but those waters are infested with darker, deadlier creatures - parasites."
"Extreme angler Jeremy Wade's cases usually involve freshwater culprits, but with multiple reports of a deep water serial killer in Mexico's Sea of Cortez, he must step out of his comfort zone and into uncharted depths in search of the red devil."
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Season 9 - River Monsters
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"Wade takes on the biggest investigation of his career -- to unravel what happened to over 1,000 passengers of the RMS Laconia, torpedoed in the mid-Atlantic; he travels the globe, battling giant fish, massive sharks and a deep-sea monster."
"Traveling from London to Greenland and on to Norway, Wade follows the trail of an unknown sea monster; fishing through ice to extreme depths, he attempts to reel in this monster before the full fury of an Arctic storm hits."
"When a snorkeler is impaled & killed by an unseen underwater assailant in the waters surrounding the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, Jeremy Wade travels to the islands to investigate a spate of similar attacks across the region."
"Jeremy Wade investigates a case in Nepal that sounds strangely familiar - a lone fisherman dragged off his feet & into a mountain river by an unseen creature. Is the original river monster, the goonch catfish, back from the brink?"
"On a volcanic Pacific island, an ancient fishing community is being terrorized by something unknown in the water that\u2019s been leaving behind mysterious puncture wounds on its victims. Can Wade uncover the identity of this fanged assailant?"
"When two men mysteriously vanish on a remote lake in Malaysia, Wade sets out to track down the possible killer. Amid rumors of a giant fish on the loose, he follows the evidence into the last stronghold of an old adversary: the one river monster that he\u2019s failed to catch."
"Jeremy heads to the frozen depths in Greenland and ice fishes in his deepest location yet on his final adventures."